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World Setting:

Wanderlust takes place in a fantasy medieval/Renaissance world setting called Eris. Swords, sorcery, sailing ships and monsters are all common sights. Many fantasy races inhabit the world and are available for play, including well-known ones such as elves and dwarves as well as more exotic creatures such as swanmaes and stormborn. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t your typical Tolkien. Many of the familiar fantasy elements have their own unique twists and themes are drawn not just from medieval Europe, but also from Egypt, Ancient America, Mongolia and more.

While Eris is a big place with a long history, Wanderlust takes place more specifically in a frontier town called Fort Wayfare in a country called Albralar. Albralar draws inspiration from Revolutionary America, with tricorn hats and flintlock pistols existing side by side with armored knights on horseback, empowered priests of the gods and even mighty dragons. Many characters are not from Albralar at all, instead having come to Fort Wayfare from many different nations. Some might be from Ter’ahk’tal, a Dwarven mountain, while others hail from the Knives, a series of islands with a strong Caribbean vibe.

Most who have come to Fort Wayfare have done so to leave behind the Great War, a century-long conflict only recently ended which consumed the world in violence. Albralar was left relatively unscathed and many have flocked there hoping to find a new life and new opportunities. However, there is danger even here, for Fort Wayfare lies nestled up against a great swath of Darkenwood, a sinister sort of forest which is home to all manner of horrors ranging from the rotting undead to sinister faeries to destructive elementals.

There is much more about to know about the world; some may be learned by reading our world setting document (which is still presently in progress). But the best way to find out more is to come and experience Wanderlust: Tales of Phoenixfall for yourself!