Upcoming Games!

July 28th at North Lodge .... August 24th at North Lodge .... September 22nd at North Lodge

Getting Started:

Boffer LARPing can seem overwhelming to those who have never done it before, but getting involved is actually fairly simple. If you’ve had any experience with role playing games in the past, the transition is particularly easy as a lot of the same ideas and themes are present. If you haven’t, don’t worry about it as we are always happy to help people of any level of experience.

The very basics of boffer LARPing involves creating a character appropriate to the fantasy world setting along with their costume, personality and abilities. You then take on that role as a Player Character (often shortened to PC) and portray them as they adventure in the world, interact with other PCs and do battle with their enemies. A wide variety of options exist, allowing you to be a member of a dozen different fantasy Races, hail from one of many Nations each with their own culture and styles and to follow one of five Paths which define the abilities your character has. As you play more games, you are awarded experience points (XP), which allow your character to acquire new abilities.

In order to provide antagonists and a supporting cast for the PCs, Wanderlust is always happy to welcome people to the Non-Player Character (often shortened to NPC) crew. NPCs don’t pay game fee, have all of their props and costumes provided for them and receive a lot of direction from staff. Because of these things, many LARPers try out their first two games as NPCs (also often called “Monsters” or “The Dark Side”).

While non-combat challenges such as traps, locks or puzzles are solved through a variety of methods, combat itself is chiefly resolved through the use of foam-padded weapons to simulate fantasy combat. Wanderlust uses a lightest touch system, meaning blows are never struck to cause physical harm. Anyone who does accidentally strike another player too hard is subject to a foul call, like one would be in a sporting event. Weapons, both homemade and manufactured by professional companies, must conform to rigorous safety standards.

More information on all of these topics can be found in our Rulebook. Joining our facebook group is an excellent way to get involved and to have your questions answered. Directions and scheduling for our events can be found here. We always love seeing new people!