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It looks like you have Javascript disabled. Bear with me if things are out of date and look wonky.... Welcome to Wanderlust Season2! Our second game will take place on February 22 at the North Lodge.

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"Greetings, brave wanderers, come sit for a spell. We have here a story of sorrow to tell. A hundred years the land has bled, but a pheonix fall to peace has led. A new country was born afresh in the wake; a new page to turn, a new story to make."
- The words of Mr. Midnight

Wanderlust: Tales of Phoenix Fall is a fantasy boffer LARP set in the wake of a Great War that eliminated nearly a third of the world's population. In a new age the adventurers from a broad variety of cultures both typical and atypical of fantasy games, seek to explore a new land raised up from the very ocean, navigate complex politics, defend against otherwordly dangers and seek to heal the fresh scars of a century long conflict.

Wanderlust features an expansive, detailed world setting, turning many typical fantasy tropes on their heads and allowing room for PCs of both traditional staples (elves, dwarves, wizards) and often-unexplored folklore (Incan-inspired empires of great power, fledgling democracy parallel with knightly virtue and Caribbean-styled merchant leagues peddling strange wonders).